Deep Eddy Vodka
The V.O.D.K.A. Conference
Nothing gets in the way of fun quite like a day of work.

We enlisted Ashley Park to launch a fake business conference that blocks your calendar so you can go day drink on company time.
Our Eventbrite event blocked over 2,000 hardworking Americans' calendars.

Then, this business stuff looped for 10 hours on YouTube. A couple people watched, even though we begged them not to.
My Role: Art Director

CD: Chris Barnard
CCO: Tim Roan

Producer: Jon Buss
Animation: Clark Moreland
Head of Production: Laura Busino

Design Director: Howard Shows
Designers: Jerad NunBrooks Heintzelman
Art Director (Post-Pro): Aubrey Day

Director: Rich Downie
Production: Fox Den
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