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You don’t need science to tell you how many germs are on a trash can. It’s disgusting.

No one really cares. It's not like we eat out of it.

What if we did?

If you’re still touching the old kitchen trash can while cooking, you might as well serve garbage right on the plate. With hands-free technology, iTouchless gives you a cootie-free kitchen and keeps the germs out of your dinner.
Trash cans that are gross are the perfect place to advertise trash cans that are not gross.
Pinterest gets trashy

Where do the finest home chefs turn for inspiration? Pinterest!

Our promoted pins will let users download a DIY Dinner Menu (see below) to turn their home into a cute restaurant.
Tonight's Bacteria

If you love your regular old trash can, you'll love these tasty dishes.
on your way out...

We'll also give website-abandoners a free copy of our dinner menu so that they don't leave empty-handed.
We’ll send free “Le Petri Dish” toy packages for people to build their own trash restaurants. Using #TrashToTable, we’ll encourage them to post and fill everyone’s social feeds with fresh garbage.
itouchless X TASTY
Teaming up with the culinary minds at "Tasty," we'll create cooking videos and recipes using their kitchen's grossest trash as the secret ingredient.

We'll post the recipes on social, turn the highlights into pre-roll, and use the full versions as feature content. 

If you like "Top Chef" and "Fear Factor," Netflix says it's a 100% match.
Slap a sticker somewhere germ-y to remind everyone that touching trash cans is grossss.
Photography: Ella Olsson

AD/CW: Ben Estus, a germophobe
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