Go Overboard
Old Bay fans really love Old Bay.

With special edition products flavored, scented, and packaged like the iconic pantry staple, we challenge Old Bay fans to prove how far they’ll actually go with their favorite seasoning.
E-Commerce site at oldbay.com
June 20 is _____________

a. the first day of summer

b. "Old Bay Day" (observed)

c. the day our limited edition products become available to purchase exclusively at OldBay.com

d. all of the above, and now marked "unavailable" on shared calendars everywhere
To celebrate the launch of our specialty products, we're giving the people what they want: a day with the 'Bay.

From a sand sculpture competition with Old Bay to an Old Bay flavored 5K (think: Color Run), it's everything you could want in a summer celebration. With extra seasoning.
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Once our specialty Old Bay products sell out in record time, we want to continue to share the stories of these wacky products—and boast about how quickly our wacky fans were willing to go overboard with us.
My Role: Art Director & Designer

Writer: Michelle Palermino

Created at Denver Ad School
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