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According to a recent study, baby boomers share 7x the amount of “fake news” online than younger generations. 

We want to empower young adults to start productive conversations with their parents about the news, the fake news, and other tough, divisive topics. 

How do we create a lighthearted space for important conversations? We bring back family game night.

Get ready for a brand new party game that lets players of all ages experience the thrill of deploying, debating, and debunking clickbait in a safe, non-confrontational environment.
Like my dad always says,

“You gotta learn by doing.” So we’re going to do fake news. Players will get a first-hand look at how easy it is to make clickbait and the importance of surfing and sharing the internet with a discerning eye.

Picture it: you've just finished dinner with the fam. You've managed to skirt any topic besides the weather, sports, and The Masked Singer. You're bored with Pictionary, you don't have 17 hours for Monopoly, and the couch is too comfortable for Charades. Fire up the devices, folks - it's time for Headline Heist!

Can you dig it?

There are two ways to earn points. 

1. Create fictional headlines that the other players think are legit.

2. Correctly share all the real news articles and none of the fake ones.
In each of the three rounds, the points increase in value. You'll start with the Morning Report, then Breaking News, and finally the Front Page.

During the third round, players who need a boost will have access to a special power-up:  Headline Hero. This will fact-check the "articles" and shed some light on which ones are real and which aren’t.
Take it to the 'book

Did you write a winner? Show everyone you've ever met!

At the end of the game, players will have a chance to share the best headlines to their real social accounts. 

Not only will this extend the fake-news conversation to a new platform, but it will stir up some good organic buzz.
Party Favor

Afterwards, all the players will be able to download a real-life version of the third-round power-up: our browser extension and app, called (you guessed it!) Headline Hero. 

Partnering with Snopes and led by a team of smart, trustworthy, and hopefully Swiss fact-checkers, we’re giving people a tool with which to share safely. It will validate news articles and alert users when things look phishy.

Did someone just text you a bit of fakery?

Hit them with a BOGUS gif. 
And in case none of this works, you know where the wine is.

Concept / Creative / Trailer: Ben Estus
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